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Using ProChem Pest Solutions Power Sprayer for your Residential Pest Control needs, we are able to eliminate insects on the outside before they become a problem on the inside! We reduce the need for harmful chemicals being placed indoors. The American Academy of Neurology has found that pesticides are linked to Parkinson's Disease. When those Pest Control Chemicals are used in the home.

The American Academy of Neurology recommends Exterior Pest Control Treatment versus placing pesticides indoors. With ProChems Power Sprayer we have effectively eliminated pests from gaining access to thousands of our clients homes! When our reputation is on the line, we do the job right THE FIRST TIME!

Termites. Roaches. Rodents. Mosquitoes. They can destroy your home, eat away your property value and put your family’s health at risk. Home Pest Control services are the first defense against pests for Southern Nevada and Arizona-area homes and businesses. We are a pest control company specialized in protecting your property when pests become a problem.

Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover pest-related damage. Don’t put your home at risk – contact us today for Pest Control Services! We offer a full range of home pest control and prevention services, including:

Services Offered by ProChem Pest Solutions

  • Pest Control and Removal Including Prevention
  • Rodent Removal and Control
  • Bedbug Elimination and Removal
  • Mold, Bacteria and Viral Agent Removal
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Integrated Pest Management Programs
  • Inspection and Reporting

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We are happy to announce that we are offering The ThermaPureHeat Process as an option to remediate many indoor air quality problems, mold and bed bug elimination.
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Our active and valued customers can access their accounts 24/7. Absolutely free of charge and saves on waist. When you have a pest problem, you want to know that you are going to get the professional service that you need. You expect the best, and you need it taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today! ProChem Pest Elimination has been serving The Great State of Nevada since 1999. Our family has a strong commitment to customer service, fair prices and our employees Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today!
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